Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (2023)

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In-Depth Gorgias Review: Gorgias ‑ Live Chat & Helpdesk Features & Benefits of Gorgias Review: Connect All Your Support Channel Set Up Smart Autoresponder All Help Desk Features Conversation History and Order Data Drive Revenue with Chat Campaigns Data-Rich Macros Customer Satisfaction Monitor Your Team’s Performance Earn Money Using Revenue Statistics Auto-assignment limits Gmail conversation grouping Article recommendation in Chat Auto-assign rule from team creation Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users (Admin only) Gorgias Chrome Extension How To Use Gorgias? Aim Of Gorgias Gorgias Integrations The Helpdesk Built forMagento Stores Live chat Ticketing system Social media posts and ads Macros Autoresponder Intent and sentiment detection Support and revenue statistics Multi-store connection Pricing Plans Offered By Gorgias Gorgias Customer Reviews & Testimonials Who Should Consider Using Gorgias? Gorgias Comparison With Competitors 2023 Why Gorgias is the best eCommerce Helpdesk Why Gorgias is better than Zendesk Why Gorgias is better than ReAmaze Why Gorgias is better than Tidio Why Gorgias is better than Freshdesk Why Gorgias is better than HelpScout Pros and Cons Of Gorgias Review Pros Cons FAQs on Gorgias Review Does Gorgias have a knowledge base? Is Gorgias a CRM? What is gorgias helpdesk? How do I add gorgias to Shopify? What is Gorgias and what are its top alternatives? How many languages can Gorgias detect? What is a Gorgias Bot? Conclusion: Gorgias Review 2023 FAQs Videos

Looking for an unbiased Gorgias review, you are at the right place.

Your ecommerce store is growing, and with that growth comes an increase in customer support tickets. You need a help desk that can scale with you and help you manage all of your customer service in one place.

Managing customer support can be difficult and time-consuming. You need to juggle multiple channels (email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram) and tickets can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Gorgias is the solution you’re looking for. Our all-in-one help desk allows your team to manage all of your customer service in one place. We enjoy a high 4.8 rating on the Shopify app store because we make it easy for you to get started and provide excellent onboarding and support experiences.

Bottom Line Upfront :

Live chat and helpdesk software Gorgias enjoys a high 4.7 rating on the Shopify app store with customers appreciating its ease of use and excellent onboarding support experiences. Lashkaraa from Shopify app store reviews says this about Gorgias “We shifted over to using Gorgias from Zendesk. Gorgias has been able to help us reduce our response times by more than half and helps us provide seamless customer service to our customers. The integrations are really what pulled us over to Gorgias and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. We would highly recommend Gorgias for a smooth customer service experience”

Why do Shopify brands love Gorgias:

✅ Gorgias has 4.4 stars (500+ Shopify App reviews) vs. Zendesk 3.3 stars (150)

✅ Agents respond 30% faster on Gorgias (4.8hrs) vs. Zendesk (6.36hrs)

✅ no additional cost for onboarding, extra seats, or investment in technical resources (5-6 figure annual investment) to configure the fundamental CX playbook of a modern brand.

It is clear that Gorgias wins over Zendesk here and many customers are loving Gorgias for their features which is cheap, simple & uncluttered.

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In this post, We’ve featured Gorgias Review which includes detailed insights into its features & benefits, pricing, functionality, pros & cons, and much more.

So let’s get started here…

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Table of Contents

In-Depth Gorgias Review: Gorgias ‑ Live Chat & Helpdesk

Gorgias is a customer service platform where you can manage your customer support in one place. Customers can contact you on multiple channels. You can also collect customer service messages from all channels (email, live chat, phone, etc.) to help you optimize your support tickets.

Gorgias’s simple mission is to help you deliver independent e-commerce products with outstanding customer service. It allows your agents to focus on being productive that advising customers rather than responding to repeated emails throughout the day.

Gorgias strives to free up its employees’ time to focus on cash-generating activities by automatically answering basic customer questions. Not only that, but Gorgias also monitors the impact of customer service at the sales level. With this information, you can ensure that your customer engagement becomes part of a profitable sales strategy.

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Features & Benefits of Gorgias Review:

To our surprise, when we first logged into the app, we noticed that its interface looked very much like an email client. Even small business-oriented help desks like Freshdesk and Zoho Desk, which are often based on a ticket queue dashboard, are in striking contrast to this model.

However, this design choice is deliberate since once you get used to it, sorting through tickets is actually quite simple. Even from a management standpoint, it is visually appealing because of the color-coded tickets and the simple order entry process. Another component that’s unique is its sales aspect of it.

Typically, other customer service departments begin their work after a customer has made a transaction. Using an email-like interface, Gorgias makes consumer orders the major focus of engagement.

When it comes to customer service and information channels, the system uses views to categorize them. As with Google Gmail, these are displayed on the left side of the screen. You have complete control over what your reps see in these views, and you can even create your own unique views. Filtered information from tickets and tags on those tickets, either provided by the system or another user, is what they’re using to present the data on the screen.

Because of this, it’s not possible for every user to customize a view. A person with administrator or lead agent rights must make all customizations. Finally, you can designate whether a view should be made public or private. Only the holder of the private view can see the views that are shared with other users or teams.

Gorgias places a high value on automation as a feature. When it comes to setting up customer service that requires little interaction, macro-driven, templated responses are an ideal solution. These templates can also aid in the collection of data for future study.

As an illustration, you might automatically gather data on any customer complaints about a certain product or a particular pain point associated with that product. You may then utilize that information to create more efficient automated responses to the problem and, perhaps, make it a higher priority in your next update.

Additionally, Gorgias has placed a high value on interoperability with other systems. However, there is also an App Store with a far longer list of additional add-on apps for BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. It’s possible to automate the complete product return procedure by integrating Loop with your Gorgias-Shopify platform. You might also add Aircall, which provides phone help and the ability to create tickets right from a phone call. The possibilities for further social media data mining and analytics are virtually limitless.

Here, it’s important to be adaptable even within the confines of Gorgias’ mission. Many of the broad functions that come with platforms aimed at a wide range of customers, such as remote control or SLA management, are absent from this platform. If you’re a smaller online retailer, the App Store allows you to develop a highly customized service desk tailored to your business, store, and product category.

Gorgias has made it as straightforward as possible to set up these integrations, but it isn’t an easy task. Although the system offers extensive documentation and live chat support in every view, you’ll still need to follow a few steps on both apps to get the most out of them.

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Connect All Your Support Channel

Gorgias helps you manage all your customer support channels like email, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Instagram, phone chat, etc all in one place.

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(Video) The Hands-Down Best Way To Run Customer Service - Gorgias Review

Set Up Smart Autoresponder

Gorgias has set an autoresponder for repetitively asked queries of customers. They will get satisfactory responses from these bots. If not, the queries forwarded to your employees for a better solution. This will help boost your economy and your employees’ productivity as well.

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All Help Desk Features

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (7)

  • You can add tags to your tickets or sort them in your custom views
  • To distribute incoming tickets, you can assign tickets to your agents
  • Avoid duplicate work by distributing tickets
  • Use internal notes and mentions to collaborate directly on tickets

Conversation History and Order Data

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (8)

Gorgias keeps all conversations with the same client in one place, regardless of channel.

This way, you can easily browse and track your conversation history.

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (9)

Gorgias downloads relevant information from Shopify or e-commerce to provide you with detailed customer information in a clear panel: order information, tracking number, and more.

Add customer accounts and orders to other apps from your helpdesk: refund, cancel orders, change addresses.

Drive Revenue with Chat Campaigns

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Don’t wait for the website’s visitors to contact you. You can trigger live chat conversations with them and give them advice on the product based on the cart content. You can also guide them through checkout to grow your revenues.

Data-Rich Macros

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (11)

You can create message templates that include customer information such as order details and tracking numbers. You don’t have to do much copy and pasting because with a click you can send more personalized messages.

Customer Satisfaction

It will help you create various customer satisfaction surveys which you can use instantly after answering your customers and they will give their opinion at that time.

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Monitor Your Team’s Performance

To understand customer requests, it gives you major customer service KPIs. It helps you to measure the response time, and resolution time and also lets you track satisfaction scores. With this tool, you can monitor or measure your team’s performance. After that, you can also send your statistics to your preferable BI tool.

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Earn Money Using Revenue Statistics

With the help of revenue statistics, you can earn money. It helps you measure the impact of chat on sales and also lets you convert support into real money. If the customer conversion and the revenue generated by pre-sale tickets are good then you can also give rewards to your agents.

Auto-assignment limits

You can now select the maximum number of tickets an agent can be served by the auto-assignment for both “Chat & Messaging” tickets (chat, messenger, IG DMs, SMS,…) and “Other text” tickets (email, comments….)

To do so, just head toSettings->Ticket assignment 🤖

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Gmail conversation grouping

Smarter ticket grouping for Gmail integrations!

Gorgias just released a new feature for Gmail integrations, which makes sure Gmail messages are grouped into tickets using Gmail’s grouping logic.

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What does this mean?

According to theGmail documentation, Gmail messages are grouped into the same ticket if each message meets the following conditions:

They have the same recipients, senders, or subject as a previous message

A reference header with the same IDs as a previous message

Sent within one week of a previous message

What if this new grouping causes strange behaviors (ex. contact form submissions from different customers being merged into one ticket)?

No problem! You can disable this behavior by going to the Gmail integration’s settings page (Settings → Integrations → Email → Specific Gmail integration) and turning offEnable Gmail conversation grouping.

Article recommendation in Chat

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Your shopper will now get FAQ article recommendations directly from your chat window.

Gorgias Chat now leverages your help center to automatically recommend FAQ articles to shoppers.

🤖 If you have an active chat and help center in your account, shoppers will receive anarticle recommendationwhen they ask a question matching an article in your help center. Shoppers can consult the article directly within the chat window without leaving your store.

⚡️ Shoppers now get instant answers to their questions on chat, and your agent will be able to focus on advanced questions that can’t be answered using your FAQ.

🤓 You can activate the feature under the automation tab of your chat settings (see below):

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Auto-assign rule from team creation

You can now directly create a rule assigning tickets to the team you’ve just created

(Video) Product updates - Feb 2023

Up until now, if you wanted to set up auto-assignment for your team you needed to access the rules settings, and manually build it.

In order to make this process more straightforward, Gorgias has added a simplified rule creation step in the team creation flows!

Once created, the rule is accessible in the rules settings.

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Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users (Admin only)

Recently Gorgias introduced an extra layer of security to your Gorgias account: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using an authenticator app. Now, as a helpdesk Admin, you can enforce it for all your users.

You can do that by navigating toSettings→Access managementand toggling on theEnforce 2FA for all usersbutton:

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If you don’t have the 2FA enabled for your account, you will be prompted with a wizard to set it up. Keep in mind that only if you successfully enabled it for your account it will then be enforced for all users.

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Once 2FA is enforced, any user who doesn’t have 2FA enabled will see a warning which notifies them that they have to enable 2FA within the next 14 days. The banner will disappear once they successfully enable 2FA.

Gorgias Chrome Extension

Gorgias is an awesome free Chrome extension that lets you create custom templates that can be used in any email application, with the ability to customize predefined outgoing messages on behalf of the recipient.

For example, if you want to answer a customer service question, you can create a template that says “Hello [sender’s name], thank you for contacting our technical support” and adds it to the message with a simple shortcut.

Other variables include the sender’s name, email address, and content. It would be nice to see options such as the current day, date and time available on the menu. I hope they are included in the update.

The Chrome Extension of Gorgias can

  • Create your own templates
  • Create variables
  • Search and insert shortcuts
  • Share templates with your team

Although Gorgias is already a pure tool for personal use, its paid version for groups is meaningful. By working with a team, you can automatically share these templates with colleagues for uniform messages.

How To Use Gorgias?

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Gorgias is definitely a powerful tool for automatic text distribution for Gmail and LinkedIn. The choice of options is good and allows you to create HTML shortcut templates from keywords with a simple graphical interface.

When you spend most of your daily projects responding to emails, you can effectively use your answers to pre-use responses or instant text messages. If you use Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn to work, there’s a free Chrome extension called Gorgias to make your work easier.

This free add-on provides Gmail with some basic templates, such as greetings, and termination/subscription, with quick insertion options for yours. Use a few shortcuts via email to fill in emails from people who work as professionals. You can look at the email templates you can create with Gorgias to simplify the flow of your project. Once the extension is installed, just enter the link and press Tab. This automatically inserts the defined text into the template.

Aim Of Gorgias

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In their mission statement, they clearly mentioned that they want to help those independent e-commerce brands so they can provide better customer service to their consumers. It helps them focus the support team on becoming sales associates who can advise their customers and provide better options instead of answering repetitive emails all day long.

It helps you by freeing the time that you waste on replying to those emails and lets you focus on those activities which can generate more money. It replies to basic customer questions automatically instead of you or your team. These things impact your sales rates and that is why they also track the impact of your customer service on your revenue.

All these things can help you increase your sales and your customer satisfaction level will surely increase as well. They also claim that it can increase your productivity by 40% which is really awesome.

Gorgias Integrations

It is a very versatile and adaptable platform because it works with over 20 plugins and it has the highest reviews on Shopify and Magento. This platform can help solve problems of other platforms and the list of plugins it is integrated with:

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (23)

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • WooCommerce
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo

and they are adding more and more applications on a regular basis. They are also providing you a mobile application so that you can provide customer service instantly to your customers. It also supports multiple brands.

The Helpdesk Built forMagento Stores

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (24)

Enhance support for your Magento store and turn it into a profit center

Live chat

Talk to your visitors in real time through live chat to increase your website conversion rate. You can even trigger live chat campaigns based on the URL to engage in conversation automatically.

Ticketing system

Centralize all your customer communication in one place. Connect your social media accounts, support email addresses, and phone numbers, and answer all tickets without leaving your helpdesk.

Social media posts and ads

Never miss an opportunity to sell on social media again. Integrate your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts to respond to comments from posts and ads in one place.


Create template answers to respond faster to the most common and repetitive questions. Write a message once with custom data variables and save it as a macro to reuse it automatically


Create rules to handle common questions like “Where is my order?” By combining rules and macros, you can automate up to 40% of support tickets with highly-personalized answers.

Intent and sentiment detection

Gorgias uses machine learning to detect customer intents like shipping, refund, exchange, and many others. You can then set up automatic replies or route the tickets with tags.

Support and revenue statistics

Track support agent metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. Fine-tune your revenue strategies with stats on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets, and total sales.

Multi-store connection

Connect all your Magento Stores to Gorgias. Centralize all tickets from all your stores in one place to Save time by centralizing all your tickets from all your stores in one place.

Pricing Plans Offered By Gorgias

They offer two different sets of plans one is having a yearly subscription and another is having a monthly subscription. The only difference is that once you take the yearly subscription then you can’t cancel it before the timing period expires and monthly, and you can cancel the subscription in a month.

(Video) Gorgias Overview & Demo | Shopify's #1 Customer Service App

In both, you have to pay monthly. The best part about it is that they also have a free version and also you can get a demo any time you want. In the yearly subscription, you will also get a discount of two months meaning you don’t have to pay for two months. These are the plans Gorgias:


  • Pay $50/month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Users
  • 350 tickets/month
  • $25 for each extra 100 tickets


  • Pay $250/month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Users
  • 2000 tickets/month
  • $23 for each extra 100 tickets


  • Pay $625/month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Users
  • 6000 tickets/month
  • $14 for each extra 100 tickets


  • It is a custom-made plan and to know the price you need to contact the team of Gorgias
  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom tickets numbers
  • Dedicated automation specialist

The best part about it is that you have to pay for only those tickets that you respond to via Gorgias which means you don’t have to pay for every ticket you receive. In every plan, you will get the same features mentioned above.

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Gorgias Customer Reviews & Testimonials

5 of 5 stars
May 11, 2017

Been using Gorgias for a few days now and it’s fantastic. No more flipping from Messenger to email to order lookups to solve a customer problem – everything is neatly organized within the app.

Also great support. I had a question about the app, 2 minutes later I was on a Google hangout with the support team walking me through the solution.

Thank you!

Piper Llc
5 of 5 stars
March 1, 2017

⅓ of our requests are about shipping replacement items. We’ve connected Zapier with Gorgias, this way, we are able to ship a new item to the customer in one click. Another thing we like is the ability to edit orders in Gorgias, without having to jump between the conversation with the customer & Shopify. Huge time-saver.

KeySmart – Premium Key Holders
5 of 5 stars
Last edited
June 25, 2019

We’ve been using Gorgias for about a year now and we cannot recommend it enough. Both our social media and customer support teams use Gorgias to handle inbound tickets from multiple channels. The thing we especially like is that issues/bugs get resolved quickly and that the guys are open to suggestions.

5 of 5 stars
March 10, 2017

Very nice app, Customer support is excellent for answering all questions, The handling of ticket weather it started from chat and then switched to sms was handled perfectly, I had no problems hooking up gmail, But I did choose not to import the exiting emails, Support is very open to feature requests.

Darn Good Yarn 2
5 of 5 stars
Last edited
June 29, 2020

I can’t say enough awesome things about Gorgias. Finally an app (and development team) that really care and “get” the problems that small businesses have and then they built this amazing CRM that WORKS!!!! This app is a game changer.
Update: 2020 and we’re still loving gorgias!!

Credits: Gorgias Shopify App

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (27) Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (28)

Basically, this is a website for customer support services so as expected the customer support provided by Gorgias to their users is also extraordinary. It has the highest rating of 4.8 on the Shopify app store where customers have given many positive reviews about it. It is really easy to use and also provides video support which helps teams to get started. Here is the customer testimonials from Trustpilot.

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (29)

They offer 24/7 customer support to their users via live chat and it also has extensive support documentation on their website. You can also get trained personally by them and you can also talk to them through online live chat and webinars.

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Who Should Consider Using Gorgias?

People who are using e-commerce websites to sell their products and want to maintain good relationships with their customers should consider using Gorgias. It is really hard to reply to consumers’ queries on a daily basis and every query is having the same type of questions. It can waste a lot of time of yours and your support team.

Gorgias helps you by saving you time because it replies to those same queries automatically on a daily basis and forwards those queries to the support team which requires human interaction. In this way, you can focus your time on generating more money-related ideas instead of replying to those same emails. Your support team can also help quickly those customers who require immediate attention and in this way, your website’s customer satisfaction score will rise up.

Gorgias Comparison With Competitors 2023

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Why Gorgias is the best eCommerce Helpdesk

There are several other helpdesk applications out there, but Gorgias does a lot of things better. Here’s how Gorgias compares with the most popular customer service helpdesk applications.

Why Gorgias is better than Zendesk

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (32)

  • Gorgias is much easier to use than Zendesk.

One of the first attributes that most users love about Gorgias is the straightforward user interface that makes it easy to execute in the shortest time possible. Zendesk is also user-friendly, but it has a steeper learning curve than Gorgias.

  • Gorgias was built specifically for eCommerce.

If you own an eCommerce website, you will find more value using Gorgias than Zendesk because its features are specifically built for eCommerce websites. The idea behind Gorgias is to help merchants increase their conversions by handling queries from their customers effectively and promptly.

  • It has more reliable customer support:

Since Gorgias is still relatively smaller than Zendesk, you will have a much closer conversation with their support team.

  • Gorgias offers more value for money:

When you pay $50/month for their basic package, you will get way more features than the $49/month package Zendesk offers. For any small business that is looking at getting more value for every dollar they spend on a helpdesk app, Gorgias is a better alternative.

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (33)

(Video) Gorgias Demo: Explained in 5 Minutes or Less | Ecommerce Tech

Why Gorgias is better than ReAmaze

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (34)

  • It offers an unlimited number of agents for all packages.

With Gorgias, you don’t have to pay more to add more agents like you do with ReAmaze. Even for their smallest package of $50/month, the number of users is unlimited. For instance, if you have five team members, ReAmaze will charge you $145/per month, whereas Gorgias will still only charge you $50/per month.

  • Much better integration with Shopify.

If you are running a Shopify store, you will have a seamless experience using Gorgias since it was specifically built for Shopify.

  • Gorgias lowers the first-time response time

by a great margin through its real-time automated messaging. When a customer contacts you for the first time, Gorgias will always send the automated feedback faster than ReAmaze. Remember, this first-time response plays a crucial role in encouraging the customer to continue asking more questions.

Why Gorgias is better than Tidio

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (35)

  • Gorgias has more functionalities than Tidio.

The only thing that Tidio does is integrate your messaging conversations from social platforms, live chat, and SMS into one place. On the other hand, Gorgias offers an all-around customer support experience that includes details of sales generated by sales from various conversations.

  • Gorgias also has more reliable customer support.

You will likely get more prompt and quality feedback from Gorgias’ support than Tidio. Another added advantage of Gorgias is the fact that you can contact them via phone, an option that is not available on Tidio.

  • More frequent updates:

Gorgias is updated more frequently than Tidio. These updates always come along with new features and bug fixes, which in the end boosts the user experience of the app. If you are looking for a platform that is always evolving and improving the user experience of its customers, then Gorgias is your ideal choice.

Why Gorgias is better than Freshdesk

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (36)

  • An unlimited number of agents for all packages.

Gorgias charges based on the number of features you have access to and not the number of agents. On the other hand, Freshdesk charges based on the number of agents that manage your customer support through their app. With this kind of arrangement, Gorgias is a much better alternative if you have a bigger team managing your eCommerce business. For instance, if you have six team members, you will be charged $90/month on Freshdesk, whereas Gorgias will charge you $50/per month for the same number.

  • Much more reliable customer support.

Both platforms have reliable customer support teams, but Gorgias has an edge over Freshdesk in this aspect. In times of need, you will get more prompt and quality feedback from Gorgias than from Freshdesk.

  • It integrates with more platforms.

If your business uses several platforms to communicate and sell products, using Gorgias is ideal since it will extract all messages and comments from potential customers into one place, where you can respond to them with ease. Some of the platforms they support include; Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS, Twitter, etc.

Why Gorgias is better than HelpScout

Gorgias Review 2023: Is Gorgias Still Worth It? (37)

  • Gorgias offers an unlimited number of users for all packages.

If your eCommerce website is managed by more than one agent, you will get more value using Gorgias than HelpScount. For all packages, HelpScount charges based on the number of agents that manage your site through their platform, whereas Gorgias charges the same amount no matter the number of users.

  • Gorgias offers in-person training.

If you want to learn more about how to use Gorgias, you can get in-person training from one of their support team agents. HelpScount only has webinars, documentation, and live chat as available resources if you want to learn more about how the platform works. Gorgias has all this plus in-person training.

  • You need only one app for all platforms.

With HelpScout, you need a different app for live chat messages and another one for social media. Gorgias gives a more seamless experience by extracting all conversations from the different platforms into one place.

Pros and Cons Of Gorgias Review


  • Best for all types of business.
  • Increase in productivity by 40%
  • An effective auto-expanding tool
  • Effective email templates
  • It is a fast, efficient, and powerful customer support tool
  • They offer a free trial so that you can get an overview of the features of Gorgias.
  • Customer satisfaction can be measured through surveys provided by Gorgias.


  • The automation service is not with every plan.

FAQs on Gorgias Review

Does Gorgias have a knowledge base?

You are able to increase the strength of HelpDocs by integrating Gorgias with other services. This might be for your internal team or for your knowledge base itself.

Is Gorgias a CRM?

Gorgias is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed specifically for e-commerce companies. This platform enables your customer care staff to manage all of your support and customer service in an one location. Gorgias is being used by the most successful Shopify stores to cut down on the amount of time it takes for the initial response to a ticket and to boost the effectiveness of their customer service teams.

What is gorgias helpdesk?

Gorgias is an e-commerce-specific platform for customer service. You can manage all of your customer care channels from one Gorgias dashboard: email/chat/phone/Messenger/Facebook/Instagram/SMS. With back-office data from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, ReCharge, and others, you can respond to customers in seconds.

How do I add gorgias to Shopify?

In Gorgias, go to Integrations -> Shopify. Click 'Add Shopify'. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the Shopify App store.

What is Gorgias and what are its top alternatives?

For e-commerce businesses, Gorgias creates a multi-channel helpdesk that is integrated with the back-end. Customers can access all of their support services in one spot, which saves time and money for businesses. It provides a single view of customers for customer service agents by connecting various corporate apps and communication channels. Gorgias is a component of a tech stack that focuses on customer service. Freshdesk, Zendesk, Helpscout, and Reamaze are all viable alternatives to Gorgias.

How many languages can Gorgias detect?

Gorgias can currently detect up to 54 languages in your support tickets.

What is a Gorgias Bot?

When an agent does not use Gorgias to respond to a client, Gorgias Bot is the one who sends the message to the customer.

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Conclusion: Gorgias Review 2023

Gorgias’ goal is to specialize in one field and become an expert in that field. Gorgias is more than capable of meeting your requirements for a help desk if you run an online store that is either small or medium-sized and uses BigCommerce, Magento, or Shopify. It offers a good selection of apps that are compatible with it and a feature set that is reliable overall.

It helps you to optimize your customer service which is amazing. With the help of Gorgias, you can increase your sales. The automated specialist is the best feature of Gorgias because it automatically responds to your customer’s most frequently asked questions.

You should avoid Gorgias, however, if you are searching for anything that goes beyond the boundaries of an e-commerce platform.

Instead, you should look at more comprehensive options, such as small company Editors’ Choice winners, Freshdesk and Zoho Desk.

🔥 Start Your Gorgias Free Trial

Small businesses can also afford it and make their customer support service better. As we all know that if a customer is satisfied then they will certainly buy more from you and recommend you to others. You will only find positive reviews of Gorgias on every website because it is only helpful to their users. Now the choice is yours, test it yourself and then purchase any plan.

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Share your thoughts about Gorgias’s review in the comments below and let us know what you think about Gorgias.


Is gorgias similar to zendesk? ›

Gorgias and Zendesk have a class-center structure at the core and measure success in terms of time taken to resolve a query. It neglects the complexity of the issues and pressurizes agents to deflect queries or provide fast solutions. It forces agents to treat customers like tickets and not conversations.

What is the use of gorgias? ›

Gorgias (pronounced 'gorgeous') is a customer support platform built for e-commerce companies. Connect all of your customer service channels: email, chat, phone, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and manage all of them from inside one Gorgias dashboard.

What are the features of gorgias? ›

Gorgias is an all-in-one customer service, customer support, and live chat helpdesk for Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce stores, which offers tools including email integration, autoresponders, ticket management, customer history tracking, request assignment, and more to aid with customer service.

Is gorgias a CRM? ›

It's a customer service CRM platform. And we don't make it up at all. Kustomer says that clear on their website: Meanwhile, Gorgias is an ecommerce help desk ticketing system.

Which is better Zendesk or Gorgias? ›

Gorgias has 104 reviews and a rating of 4.67 / 5 stars vs Zendesk Suite which has 3535 reviews and a rating of 4.4 / 5 stars.

Is gorgias better than Zendesk? ›

Although both Gorgias & Zendesk allow you to add a live chat, we recommend going with Gorgias as it has more features tuned towards the ecommerce industry like you can track orders from the chat widget without even asking a customer care agent.

Why does Gorgias think rhetoric is so valuable and useful? ›

He asks him what rhetoric produces, and Gorgias replies that it is persuasion. He claims that rhetoric enables a man to persuade judges, members of the assembly, and others that deal with governmental issues. He also boasts that a rhetorician can have anyone he wants as his slave by using his powers of persuasion.

How many customers does Gorgias have? ›

Gorgias builds a multi-channel helpdesk integrated with e-commerce merchants'​ back-office. It allows merchants to manage all their support from one place.
How Gorgias hit $11.3M Revenue with 6K customers in 2022.
Total team size127

What major defense of rhetoric does Gorgias offer? ›

Gorgias here offers a pretty standard sophistic defense of rhetoric, one that contains two major strands: First, he acknowledges that, while rhetoric isn't any one thing nor does it constitute everything, that there is an element of rhetoric in everything.

What are the three things that Gorgias argued for in on being? ›

Ostensibly Gorgias developed three sequential arguments: first, that nothing exists; second, that even if existence exists, it is inapprehensible to humans; and third, that even if existence is apprehensible, it certainly cannot be communicated or interpreted to one's neighbors.

What is Gorgias theory of knowledge? ›

He is best known today from the Platonic dialogue Gorgias. His philosophy was based on the claim that nothing exists or, if it does, it cannot be truly known or, if it can be known, that knowledge cannot be conveyed to others and, even if it could be communicated, it would not be understood as intended.

Is Gorgias down right now? ›

Gorgias status is operational

IsDown. app monitors all your critical cloud providers, SaaS, and tools' official status pages. Monitor all dependencies in one place. Receive real-time alerts when there's an outage.

What companies use Gorgias? ›

Who uses Gorgias?
CompanyWebsiteCompany Size
Southern Tide, LLCsoutherntide.com50-200
DirtBound Inc.dirtboundoffroad.com1-10
1 more row

What software does Apple use for CRM? ›

Apple CRM software comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)
ProductBest forUrl
DayliteBest CRM software for Mac overallVisit
HubSpot CRMBest free CRM software for MacVisit
Zoho CRMGreat CRM system for iOSVisit
PipedriveTop CRM app for Mac for large businessVisit
6 more rows

What is Amazon's CRM called? ›

AWS Managed Services (AMS) provides a customer relationship management (CRM) process to ensure that a well-defined relationship is established and maintained with you. The foundation of this relationship is based on AMS's insight into your business requirements.

Does gorgias have a knowledge base? ›

Your customers can browse your newly created knowledge base and reach out to you if they need further assistance. New support conversations will appear in Gorgias.

Who is the competitor of Zendesk? ›

Freshdesk is probably the tool that most closely resembles Zendesk on this list. It has a shared inbox, a knowledge base, and the ability to connect to other software using apps in its marketplace. It also has some automation capabilities to improve productivity.

Does gorgias integrate with Salesforce? ›

With our Migration tool, you can without difficulty import or export massive piles of varied records types to or from Gorgias to Salesforce Service Cloud.

Is Zendesk a Chinese company? ›

Zendesk, Inc. is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007.

Where is gorgias based? ›

Where is Gorgias 's headquarters? Gorgias is located in San Francisco, California, United States .

Does Apple use Zendesk? ›

At this point, your Zendesk instance is integrated with Apple Business Chat. But you'll still need to design, configure, and test the messaging experience with help from Zendesk and get your integration approved by Apple.

What operating system does Zendesk use? ›

For the mobile apps:

Zendesk Support for Android: Android 4.4 and higher. Zendesk for iPad: iOS 8.0 and higher.

What programming language does Zendesk use? ›

Zendesk can be modified, molded, and shaped to meet your needs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What type of CRM is Zendesk? ›

Zendesk Sell is a powerful, modern sales CRM that maximizes productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for small businesses.

Why is Zendesk so popular? ›

Zendesk provides different pricing options for different company sizes and budgets, which makes it appealing for both startups and enterprises.

Does Microsoft use Zendesk? ›

We're excited to announce the release of the new Zendesk integration for Microsoft Teams! This integration brings your communication and support solutions together to enable employees to work wherever they're most productive.

What is Zendesk best for? ›

What is Zendesk used for? Zendesk is a complete customer service solution that's easy to use and scales with your business. Learn more about Zendesk for Service. Zendesk Sales CRM enhances productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

Is Zendesk a CRM or SAAS? ›

Zendesk Sell is a web-based and mobile customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps sales, marketing and support teams collaborate and align on all lead and customer needs. Its features include email automation and tracking, custom dashboards and lead scoring.

What coding language does Microsoft use? ›

C++: C++ is the workhorse language at Microsoft, which uses C++ to build many of its core applications. C++ is used to create computer programs and is one of the most used languages in game development. It's the core language in many operating systems, browsers, and games.

Is Zendesk like Salesforce? ›

Both Zendesk and Salesforce offer crucial sales features like contact management, lead management, email tracking—and most of the basics that your sales team will need.

How many companies use Zendesk? ›

We have data on 176,267 companies that use Zendesk. The companies using Zendesk are most often found in United States and in the Computer Software industry. Zendesk is most often used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue.

What CRM does Microsoft use? ›

Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available as a cloud offering or an on-premises installation. As with CRM 4, this version can be highly customized using advanced extensions.

What are the 3 types of CRM? ›

There are 3 types of CRM platforms. You can choose from the analytical, operational or collaborative CRM to support your business. Choose the analytical CRM if you want to get your hands on the most important metrics about your customers in order to make more strategic decisions.

Which company below is the most successful software vendor for CRM? ›

The most successful CRM company in the USA for 2023 is HubSpot. Founded in 2006, this Cambridge-based company has raised around $100.5 million in funding because of its all-in-one inbound marketing platform that helps other businesses generate more leads, close sales, and land better performance ratings.


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